The importance of Translation Companies

If your business sells products or services internationally, then the chances are that you need the services of a professional translation agency. Many companies start managing translation on an ‘as-and-when basis’, delegating translation to in-house bilingual staff, often using Google translate and other online automated resources – much to their peril!

Using a professional translation agency might seem like an unnecessary sometimes expensive option – especially if your in-house process is working well. However, using a professional translation agency early on can help you avoid potential embarrassing and expensive pitfalls.

The following are some examples of the benefits of working with a professional translation agency:


1.         Experience.

By using a professional translation agency early on your business benefits from access to a wealth of experience from language professionals (native-speakers) who have worked with companies like yours on similar projects, and who most importantly, speak the language your customers use every day.


2.         Resources.

Many companies that start to manage their translation requirements internally generally find it difficult to scale as their business grows. As a company grows and resources become more and more stretched, translation management often becomes less of a priority and as a result the quality suffers and deadlines are missed. Poor quality translations and late delivery can lead to loss of clients and thus, a loss of earnings. By outsourcing translation to professionals, quality can be assured whilst also minimising potential errors and the stretch on resources.


3.         Efficiency

Using a professional translation company to help manage your translation projects is much more efficient and less risky in the long-term than trying set up and manage the workflow demands yourself. Using professional linguists guarantees the highest translation quality and faster output than using members of your in-house staff, who instead should be sticking to their strengths; marketing and selling.

As translation technology advances your translation agency will update their tools and processes to deliver time and cost savings, all without you having to worry about capital investments or depreciating assets. Workflows can be quickly scaled and languages quickly added, often giving you a crucial edge over your competition.

All-round translations can offer your business a free quote and business strategy advice for how best to use professional translation.

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