Social Media and the importance of translation

Globalisation is no longer a dream; the internet has made the impossible possible. As a result, the nations of the world have been unified through and it has removed or limited nearly all cultural and racial boundaries. People of different languages are now able to communicate effectively, as the language barrier has been mostly removed through online translation software.

This has also made internet content smuniversal and comprehensible to a much wider audience – which is why the demand for online translators is rapidly increasing. Many websites now search for skilled translators to increase and improve their online visibility and web traffic.

Since the internet has brought people of different classes, cultures and languages under the same ceiling, the importance of effective communication has now become paramount.  When used with accurate translation, social media has now presented a way for the world to communicate with each other, and a level playing-field. For example, a small shop in Africa (with internet connection!) can now advertise products across the whole continent and indeed; the world.

All of the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have clients from all over the world and they are from many various cultures and languages. However, different cultures and languages mean they don’t have a common tool to effectively communicate with each other. They need a common language to share their views, feelings and emotions and not all have the capacity to instantly change to any language. Translation, along with localisation, solves this problem.
sm2It is common for a social media website to have users from a wide-range of different languages and cultures. They differ from each other on many grounds. Their only tool of communication is the language they use. So, they must read the contents of the website in the same language – which is where the need for effective translation becomes apparent.
The main objective and challenge facing social media is to form a strong global community where barriers to communication are removed. It is a matter of good and effective language management. It is not possible without accurate and exact translation. It is unimaginable that a social media site can be arranged with the contents of just one language.
Some social media websites use auto-translator software which is less expensive and very easy to use. But the problem is that it is still at the primary level. The software is not efficient enough to translate or transform the languages accurately. It translates the sentences of language to another almost word to word literally. That is why we still depend on the experience and expertise of manual translations and localisation experts. Translators play a very important role in the efficiency and usability and growth of social media used for businesses.

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