Is the translation Industry recession proof?

In these economic times when many businesses are struggling to survive, if there is an industry that can be considered as ‘recession proof’ then it is the professional translation market.  If anything it has shown signs of growth and is predicted to grow by a further 42% by 2020.arrow

Translation services have been one of the few industries that have not shown any impact against the current economic climate and the global economic downturn faced by many countries.

Why have translation companies had a lucky escape?  Regardless of the company and sector, in order to survive the recession it needs to look for ways to enhance their share in the market and the best way to do this is to bring their product/service global.  This can only be achieved by having the knowledge of the market and the skills to communicate in different languages.

Incorrectly translated documents and confusing marketing messages can be very embarrassing for a company and also lead to damaging reputations.  This is why professional translation companies play an integral role for those companies looking to expand their business and go global.

Quality is key to success and should under no circumstances be compromised.  In order to deliver professional, reliable and precise documentation a translation company can offer a cost effective solution to your company, proving to be more cost beneficial than hiring a translation department in house.

The Ministry of Justice have reported that the most popular languages for translation include Polish, Romanian, Urdu and Lithuanian and are accountable for a third of their transactions.  However a professional translator can translate many other languages including German, French and Spanish.

With intimate knowledge of the market, choose a professional translation company for your future translation needs and see for yourself how they can help you!


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