Globalisation: The importance of translations

world mapGlobalisation has brought many countries closer together and has helped remove the barriers to effective communication between nations. As a result, businesses are growing  and showing interest in foreign markets in which to expand their services. However, as businesses venture into foreign markets they recognise the need for efficient translation services to promote and market their products in the native languages of different countries. Translation services are thus in greater demand than ever before.


As businesses become increasingly global, they must face the issue of language and cultural barriers. At All-round Translations we have the company motto of “Taking your business from local to global” which very much summarises what in fact translation can do for your business. The role of translation services has increased as businesses seek to market their products in other countries and the need to explain their products in native languages. Hence, professional translation companies have helped other businesses to overcome the traditional obstacles of language barriers.

Increased competition and globalisation has led businesses to explore new international markets for their products/services which has in-turn led to an increased importance of translation in a company’s business plan. As businesses increasingly market their products in multilingual environments, businesses recognise the need for efficient and high-quality translation services in order to succeed in foreign markets.  Translation is a key factor for international businesses. International companies have a greater chance of acquiring new projects and business if they communicate with companies in their own native languages.


Unlike machine and instant online translation (e.g. Google translate) – professional and human manual-translation ensures that the context of the information is translated properly as well the as correct use of regional terms and specific words from various dialects.



If you would like to take your company from local to global – let us help by providing you with a free quotation of or professional translation services. We can also offer you our advice on how best to implement a new translation strategy for your business.

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